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piece and carload shipments

We provide international and domestic transport of single and full-load consignments with our vehicles as well as through the network of foreign transport partners within EU countries:

  • full truck transport and collection system Benelux - Slovakia
  • a modern fleet, distribution vehicles with a forklift
  • transport of dangerous goods according to ADR
  • distribution of shipments stored in the warehouse

We specialize in the goods collection service between the Benelux countries, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, as well as the distribution of goods within the national distribution exclusively by our own or contract vehicles.

In 2008, which was a breakthrough in the development of our company, we have successfully opened our new distribution center, from which day we organize the export and import of collection services, goods distribution and storage.

Our company is based in Trenčín with a convenient location in close proximity to an industrial park with a motorway exit, on the north-south main axis within Slovakia. About 20 km are the borders with the Czech Republic.


DVS Transport is a growing and stable company . Individual approach, active cooperation, innovation and flexibility are our main priorities. We strive to offer solutions to the real needs of our customers. We currently employ 44 people and our fleet consists of:

  • 9 trucks (with ADR equipment, 2 wires, semitrailers, BOX, double decker semi-trailers)
  • 4 mega trucks with equipment and ADR, tarpaulin trailers 100 m3
  • 7 tractors (with equipment and ADR, 1 wire, semitrailer semitrailers, BOX, double decker semi-trailers, SK, CZ, HU distribution trucks)
  • 5 distribution vehicles (SK, CZ, HU) with lift head - max. load 14 t