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comprehensive warehouse services program

We will provide you with a comprehensive warehouse services program, coupled with transport services and customs declaration services. You do not have to look for these activities of multiple partners - you can find them together.

Our warehouse is situated in the industrial part of Trenčín. The 300 square meter is the Superbuilt racking system with the option of storing 250 Euro pallets on three floors. The warehouse is equipped with high-quality handling equipment. Two loading ramps allow loading and unloading goods quickly and easily.

Stocks are insured against all risks and the warehouse is 24 hours guarded by security Standard operating time: 6.00 - 21.00 hrs.


  • storing a shipment in a dry heated warehouse
  • Storage of the shipment outside on the asphalt surface
  • Unloading and loading of goods
  • Product Download Check
  • securing storage and removal under the conditions set by the depositor
  • Custom Shipments
  • Keep the depositor informed of the inventory status
  • storage insurance
  • securing deliveries from the warehouse within Slovakia and abroad